Team seeks source of body, head lice pathology

Team seeks source of body, head lice pathology
Pittendrigh, working with John M. Clark of the University of Massachusetts and others, previously compared the sequences of protein-coding genes in head and body lice, finding the two belonged to the same species, despite body lice being bigger than

Lice Happens owners to talk shop with Annapolis entrepreneurs
M.J. Eckert and Nancy Fields of Lice Happens will be the keynote speakers for the Annapolis Entrepreneurs and Inventors Program on Thursday. Sponsored by the Annapolis Economic Development Corp., the program is designed to give entrepreneurs and 

Mom totes knife to school after lice call
JEFFERSON — A Kingsville Elementary School parent was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly bringing a knife on school property when she came to pick up her child because she had head lice. Dora L. Hannold, 46, of 3947 Gore Road, Conneaut 
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