Feed The World – #8 Pest Control

Every farm suffers from pests and every farmer needs a way to deal with them! watch me craft a deadly weapon to take out the zombies, we also have a trespass…

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25 Responses to Feed The World – #8 Pest Control

  1. TheDistractingGamer says:

    Mahogany doors bring two old enemies together..

  2. TheWolfyGrace says:

    Mahogany doors! :3

  3. Pokesquirtle7 says:

    Ah! So this is when Rythian did the peace thing.

  4. DeepEmerald says:

    who is this Rythian guy?

  5. Ali holly cameron says:

    Mahogany doors!

  6. Clyde Marshall says:

    Mahogany doors… Mahogany doors… Mahogany doors…

  7. Axel Nyberg says:

    mahogany doors

  8. The Best says:

    Indiana Jones ending

  9. zyos11 says:

    Ah farm with an ak-47? sounds like Colombia 

  10. ThePeskyOnion says:

    There all cod4 guns

  11. Edin Imsirovic says:

    They crossed “swords” in bed… enough said

  12. MLC InstaGamer says:

    you missed 36 pieces of iron in your chest before you went mining

  13. Jake Evan says:

    Sijn purposely killed Rythian and blew his house up

  14. Epicpancakes says:

    mahogany doors! :D 

  15. Matt Messina says:

    you had 36 iron in the chest upstairs

  16. Noah Thomas says:

    wtf you had 36 iron in your gem chest

  17. alfie West says:

    The iron was on the top middle

  18. daniel sullivan says:

    i cant hit the like button because it makes my utube go ape shit

  19. IPOYCAY says:

    When Sjin didn’t see that iron in the chest… All. My. Rage.

  20. nacoran says:

    The practice of sleeping with a board between two people is called
    bundling. It was a common practice in Colonial America, and is one of the
    reasons we have an Amendment banning the quartering of troops in civilian
    homes, because British soldier (well, and young colonial lasses) often gave
    in to urges.

  21. TheMRLProject says:

    :D hey

  22. sarah ghojdi says:

    Lol rythian

  23. Kris Skwarek says:

    He had iron lol

  24. K Lynn says:

    I luv this series.

  25. Krashabbe says:

    Honeslty, an Endermage sounds a bit cooler than a farmer! XD

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