Pest Control Houston (832) 464-4119 – The Pest Gurus (832) 464-4119 Pest Control Houston The Pest Guru Timber Creek Place, Houston, TX 77084 (832) 464-4119 Pest Control Houston Exte…
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Pest Control Houston Pest Control In Houston Texas ~ Houston Exterminators (713) 956-7822 Pest Control Houston Services For a Safe H…

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40 Responses to Pest Control Houston (832) 464-4119 – The Pest Gurus

  1. Rid-O-Mice says:

    Good Service guys!

  2. leticia baldwin says:

    Thanks for your help. Your company was very efficient in dealing with my
    pest problem.

  3. ezralennox says:

    I believe we have rats in our back yard. But I also believe they are in
    the neighbor’s yard also. Essentially all the yards run together. The
    rats know no boundaries. How can we solve the problem if you are only
    treating the problem in my yard?. 

  4. albertfrinkey says:

    I have a rental home in Houston that is overrun with ants. I hope you can
    help with that problem. I will be calling your company.

  5. paleodietrecipes says:

    Other than pest control houston do you also service the Fort Worth area. We
    believe we may have a rat infestation and may need your help.

  6. davismarie32 says:

    Great service. Thumbs up! You were a big help and took care of my pest
    problem faster than I expected.

  7. valdeztrinny says:

    You are going to have to bring out the big guns to get whatever has been
    terrorizing my garden. I need your help and will be calling you asap.

  8. Barbara Cotter says:

    Just got back from your website. Great photos and examples of the various
    types of rodents you remove.

  9. Sara Ramsey says:

    Very professional service. Thanks for the help. You have a pest control
    company here in Houston that I would recommend to my friends.

  10. lafonda johnson says:

    Something keeps coming in our back yard (which is fenced) each night and
    eats dog food that is left out. It has been happening every night for the
    last week. What could be that big coming over the fence? Is this a problem
    you might be able to help with?

  11. Donna Jones says:

    Thumbs up!! You are a very professional company. Took care of our rodent
    problem recently and those little critters have not come back.

  12. jason bale says:

    can you help get rid of gophers that are undermining my yard?

  13. pestcontrolhouston says:

    Linda, we understand your concern…be sure to stay away from all bee
    swarms or colonies. If you accidentally encounter bees do not panic, but
    remain calm and quietly withdraw from the area until the bees are out of
    sight. If you have to run be sure to cover your face with your hands to
    protect from possible bee stings to the eyes etc. Do not disturb the bees
    in any way and DO NOT try to remove them. Give us a call on (832) 464-4119
    and we can offer further advice or help remove them.

  14. linda silvatory says:

    So happy to learn about your service and that you specialize in bee
    removal. Out of no where yesterday a huge swarm of bees just showed up and
    took over a tree in our back yard. There are literally thousands of bees. I
    don’t know what to do and don’t want to go into the backyard. I need your

  15. Amara Efari says:

    Pest control Houston service technicians since 1992. Serving Houston, Sugar
    Land, Missouri City, Katy, and surrounding areas. Also, termite inspection,
    and treatments a speciality.

  16. Houston Video Marketing says:

    Pest control Houston

  17. rocba jim says:

    Thanks you!!

  18. prolee Nguyen says:

    Awesome, I will be back for more

  19. nikatalike says:

    Great work. Good luck with the release!!

  20. divercold says:

    You for helping us.

  21. hugomacheda says:

    We’ll definitely have there back again.

  22. tomcruson says:

    The work was outstanding.

  23. hugaa lee says:


  24. raphen david says:

    They were fast, professional and did a great job all together.

  25. proviewyoutu says:

    Now shares, i love it.

  26. rephen nadem says:


  27. jimmy kia says:

    I am very impressed and will definitely use them again.

  28. nokita lisa says:

    They are excellent! What a nice guy, so professional and efficient.

  29. AdenCrockerTVMS says:

    I am impressed with his work and would highly recommend them. Thank you!!

  30. chacenformer says:

    They also have an excellent safety record.

  31. sophia nguyen says:

    OK it is perfect

  32. rednotes3 says:

    I will give my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee

  33. FiuRodrigues says:

    keep up the good work

  34. victimofkratina says:

    Excellent work.

  35. gruja luca says:


  36. balonowateczaify says:

    Get a real job–

  37. BumLiterary says:

    I want more info

  38. ChemoDer says:

    This is awsome…

  39. zebulebuful says:

    this was incredible! very good

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