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First of all, thank you guys SO much for your sweet comments and kinds words on yesterday’s post about the loss of our dear friend and inspired spirit Margarita.  I felt a little bit of relief in being able to pay tribute to her, and to share the story of her amazing life that she’d planned to share with you herself via a series she’d been working on for Bubby and Bean.  I can’t even explain how many people have broken hearts right now.  Marg had a massive extended group of friends who were equally touched by her special light, and it’s a struggle for all of us to make sense of this.  Marg’s best friend Rachel and I made plans yesterday for a small tribute memorial she’ll be hosting in Marg’s honor in a couple of weeks, and we’re also planning a larger benefit and party for her this summer to celebrate her life.  I won’t lie – it is really, really tough having Robbie gone right now, but I’m so glad he was home when we got the terrible news.  He was close with Margarita as well, and we are both grateful that we could be together on Tuesday.  I hope that we can all continue to spread Marg’s story and mission (especially her video), so that others who have faced life-altering injuries can see first hand the potential to create new lives full of positivity and light.

As we all know, it’s a challenge to go on with everyday life activities when dealing with the initial shock of a great loss.  Even though I know from past experiences how important it is to keep busy, I’ve struggled with trying to be motivated to get work done over the past two days.  The posts that I’d planned for this week (new outfit post, sponsor feature post, and a post dedicated to Bubby and helping animals) have been postponed because I just don’t feel focused enough to give them the attention they deserve right now.  I didn’t want to leave the blog vacant though, and I also feel like it’s important to try to get some work accomplished, especially with Robbie gone and so much time alone to think.

So for today’s post, I decided to seek out pretty pictures that inspired me (and hopefully inspire you as well!).  I was thinking about Margarita, and how like me, her favorite flowers were daisies.  Margarita also means “daisy” in Spanish (she was Colombian and spoke fluent Spanish), so I thought this would be a great way to post something positive while still continuing to honor her spirit.  I remember one New Year’s Eve when she showed up with daisies in her hair, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.  I also think that in the midst of springtime, flowers are a perfect symbol of new life and a simple reminder of the beauty that surrounds us as this season unfolds.

As I was finishing up this post, I got a call from my sister with some more heartbreaking news.  She’d just gotten word that her best friend from childhood, with whom she’d stayed in close touch her entire life, tragically passed away Tuesday as well.  My heart aches to know Morgan is dealing with the same shock and devastation that we did when we learned of Marg’s passing.  It’s almost unreal that both of these people who touched our lives in such a profound way left us on the same day.  Yesterday I came across a picture with the text “Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid.”  Make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love them today and everyday.  Nothing is more important.

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