The Pest, 1997 theatrical trailer

Theatrical trailer for The Pest, the 1997 movie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TWEET THIS TO THE ORIGINAL PEST @JohnLeguizamo FACEBOOK TWITTER This movie was so bad it’s GREAT haha I use to love it as a kid…after watching it now..I don’t know why…but I will ALWAYS love the opening scene lol This is a remake of the shower scene for The Pest starring Jon Leguizamo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to The Pest, 1997 theatrical trailer

  1. DeimosSaturn says:

    I remember this being my favorite comedy as a kid. Now, remembering the movie as an adult, I realize it’s the most unfunny comedy ever made. It’s not even so bad it’s good, it reminds me of The Underground Comedy Movie starring Vince the shamwow guy. I’m not a prude, I like Louis CK’s show on FX, I like Always Sunny, I like stupid comedy too like Bill and Ted’s movies, but this movie is just full of really dumb jokes. Leguizamo is funny, just not in this movie.

  2. LUNCHBOXXX14 says:


  3. nunnyadamnbusiness says:

    Its so stupid that its funny. Dont watch it if you don’t have a sence of humor.personally i loved it.

  4. TheKidwonder08 says:

    fuckin right. ~.~

  5. CollectorsKing says:

    Agreed, this and liar liar

  6. roserdgz says:

    “Nobody can fricassee like I can fricassee, I’ll fricassee it silly!!”

  7. tonoklein says:

    “I can’t wait to bag me a deergoose” lol

  8. superneovvl36 says:

    1:25 where the woman says bark like a dog isn’t in the actual movie.

  9. toystory4eva says:

    he reminds me of d-trix from quest crew cuz the way he act like a little kid!!

  10. alt237874 says:

    dam its 2011 and im still watchn dis shyt

  11. NaokoM says:

    one of the best movies ever! ^_^ <3 Himmel!

  12. Zerker8 says:

    He IS a pest!!!

  13. elmayordelosmayores says:

    the movie this funny LOL xD

  14. Hinata14inuyasha14 says:

    its at the very end xD

  15. UDIGGBLEU says:

    nonononono!!! biodome was terrible! the pest is one of my favorite movies of all time!

  16. inuyashaqueen1 says:

    i like the movie its funny hahahahahahsa

  17. volcanicknight says:

    awful movie

  18. tom3999 says:

    fuck i hate the maccarina

  19. alexonfire111 says:

    this shit looks worse than biodome

  20. killguns95 says:

    Remake this movie please!!!!!!!!

  21. blazindlfun says:

    How did I miss this? Mad funny

  22. Flexstarz says:

    this is the dumbest comedy every i would never rent this movie

  23. davo380 says:

    does it have a snake in the movie i hope it doesnt

  24. TheKidwonder08 says:

    The first funniest movie that i ever seen and that i could remember ha.

  25. Tactix87 says:

    haha thanks homie

  26. cluefinder29 says:


  27. fagash2010 says:

    LMFAO You did so perfectly, Holy hell just as brilliant as the original. Good one =) I’m still laughing now xD

  28. Liebling05 says:

    Bravo!!! Down to the props PERFECT!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! John Leguizamo needs to see this!!

  29. seanrainey1197 says:

    this is the best parody of a movie i’ve ever seen
    great job

  30. hjm3298 says:

    Looks almost exactly like the movie great Job

  31. Tactix87 says:

    great classic movie lol

  32. Tactix87 says:

    haha thanks man

  33. PejiWikanWoman says:

    Oh my fuck lmao this shit made me laugh for days! Used to watch this movie when I was a kid! :D

  34. 567djhero says:


  35. Tactix87 says:

    haha thank you :P 

  36. Tactix87 says:

    Thanks :)

  37. Tactix87 says:

    Thanks for the support :) better late than never :)

  38. ifeyinwaleslie says:

    LMFAO… You so silly. I know I’m late but I just subscribed.

  39. Xjamescrampton2495 says:


  40. Kittylikeboys428 says:

    AWESOME!! lolz i luv it xD

  41. snowskateskate says:

    ahahhahahahahahhaahha….brings back memories

  42. Tactix87 says:

    haha thank you

  43. Tactix87 says:

    haha :P 

  44. Tactix87 says:

    lol thanks a lot man

  45. hatchetman103 says:

    I’d say its better than the original! Love your videos, keep doing what you do man!!

  46. Arwingmaster23 says:

    I will never get tired of this! LOL XP

  47. jdmderick says:

    like a boss!!!!!

  48. mak31100 says:


  49. andregscool says:

    HASiuashIAUSHaishasuhasuu ficou igualzinho ao do @johnleguizamo !!!! hahahahaha fooooda, muito bom!!!!

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