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Links I Love

I’m going to start this post completely off topic because I just have to say something about the fact that today is, in my opinion, one of the best days of the year. This is because today is the first Friday in March, my friends. It goes without saying that Fridays are just great days. And the minute March begins I start to feel renewed (because I love spring with every ounce of my being). So when you combine the two, I feel like it’s a day destined for greatness.

And now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the links, man! This is actually not the kind of week I normally reserve for the Links I Love series. Robbie has been on the road all week, which means I’ve been on full time kid duty on top of working, which therefore means I’ve had a lot less time than usual for pretty much everything – especially for spending on the internet. That said, despite the fact that I’m so exhausted once the kids are finally asleep that I can barely keep my eyes open, I need a little time to myself to wind down. That time would much better be reserved for reading a book, of course, but instead, I end up online reading news and window shopping and checking out blogs. And when I find cool stuff, I mean I obviously have to share it with all of you. So here goes:

So, um, who else watched the Oscars? Yikes. I loved this NY Times piece titled Moonlight,’ ‘La La Land’ and What an Epic Oscars Fail Really Says.

Have you guys seen this awesome post on the “X-Plan,” or how to give kids (mainly teens) a way out when in uncomfortable situations where they’re feeling peer pressure? It involves a simple text (one great thing about the fact that today’s generations of teens have cell phones), and it makes a whole lot of sense.

I am officially an auntie to a 10 week old Husky named Laika. (My sister got a puppy!) It’s given me some serious dog fever, I have to say, and got lost in this fun article on 27 things you need if your dog is your best friend. (I miss you forever Bubby dog!)

My friend and fellow mama Terra bravely shared her postpartum depression story on her blog on Tuesday. It’s a raw, beautiful read, and it’s so important. Please read and share.

I need to make myself a sangria tequila snow cone. Immediately.

Someone please design me a house that looks exactly like this.

One of our regular customers over at the Bubby & Bean Art shop named Emily, who is, in her words, a breast cancer thriver, is raising funds for a program called I Em Strong. Through this program she will volunteer with oncology centers, hospitals, and non-profits, create programs specifically geared towards women healing from breast cancer (and treatment), and help empower women through yoga and its philosophies. Please check out her inspiring story and campaign right here.

I was a major clog fan in the ’90s and this seriously beautiful pair of clogs (also seen in top image) might just make me become one again.

I know I mentioned this in my last Links I Love post too, but I have to do it again because it’s just that good. My friend Jessica’s gorgeously photographed, all plant-based (!) cookbook ‘One Part Plant’ is now available to purchase. (I shared one of the recipes and gushed about why I love it in this post, in case you missed it.)

Another ICYMI – I was over on last week talking about how a sugar addict (me!) gave up all forms of sugar for 7 days. Check it out if you want to see what happened.

An architect turned an old cement factory into his home and the interior is AMAZING.

I don’t eat meat, but aside from the beef and stuff, I’m all about these “authentic American taco” recipe ideas. Tacos forever.

This dress is so simple and beautiful, and best of all, looks like it would be really comfortable without being sloppy. I think I’m going to get it. (The $ 29.99 price tag is definitely helping my case.)

Enjoy the first Friday and weekend of the first month of spring. (Hurray!) We’ll be at the park pretending it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. See you Monday!


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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VGP test

The VGP is the highest level test for a German versatile hunting dog. This one is focused on a black roan Deutsch-Drahthaar with the unfortunate name of Laika (which is an entirely other kind of hunting dog!)

Yes, these tests are performed in the US and Canada. It is the only way North Americans can maintain German versatile hunting dogs that are fully equivalent to those in Europe.


Natural History

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Depp Hits A Financial Low!

Depp hits a financial low! Johnny Depp reportedly having a tough time as his financial condition is deteriorating and according to resources the actor’s lifestyle is responsible for the loss. He sued his own management company this month, claimed that after firing them, his new company find a huge default in accounts. Depp claimed that […]

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Sunflower Faith

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Easy Walker

Walking the dog with your hands behind your back!

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Bonus Friday Funny: Sister? What Sister?

No, I haven’t seen my sister all day. You can just give her cookies to me. Enjoy your weekend! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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In Bestia

The boys and I are back from a brief jaunt down to Texas to support the Puppy Up walk in the Woodlands and for a short visit with my family.  Quite happy to be back as I have missed my friend.  Crap, I still haven’t named him.  Um let’s go with…
I know some of you are saying, he’s talking about himself again – why does he do that?  And where’s the cancer blog? Like any capable contestant, I’ll take the second part first.  Trying to reduce, distill and refine all that I have learned over a decade of  travels in a few mere blogs is not only dreadfully difficult, it’s daunting, too, and on this I want to get it right.  Or mostly right which is more kin to my nature.  
In the past, there have been blogs I’ve powered through in just a few minutes with a fire and forget mentality.  Others haven taken days and even weeks for a paragraph or less.  And that’s not to mention that for every blog I publish, there are at least ten I don’t.  
But if it’s a sneak peak you want then I’ll give you a little taste of part 1:  Cancer is You.  You are Cancer.  From just the title alone perhaps you can estimate the enormity of the undertaking now.
Next, I used to get irritated by people – and there have been many – who want me to remove myself entirely from this story and stick to topic whatever that means.  Not only is that an odd request since it was me - ex animo - who created all of this – but I rather think I matter.  And I’m far from being done.  But as The Dude would say, that’s, like, only my opinion, man (Heads up for the F Bomb).  
Besides as I hinted at in the previous two blogs, all of these ‘distracting little posts’ about me are going somewhere and I suggest now would be the time to start paying attention if’n you want to begin this stretch of the journey alongside me.    
That’s what I’ll call my friend!  Sounds a little pretentious and overly caricatured, too, but I’ll stick with it. Anyway back to the beginning – it’s good to see him again and we have continued our work together and this is what I wanted to share with you.  It’s important to note that I’m merely a student at this point but it’s pretty powerful stuff.  Especially altered states which I intend on speaking separately about.  
Whilst down at my folks house I came across an old photo album – actually I sought it out.  In part to retrace the tracks of my life and for another reason that will soon become evident.  And in it I discovered the above photo of a half naked me facing a bull cross fence at Big Momma’s house (that’s what we called my 80 lb grandmother cause man could she wield a skillet like a battle axe).  What struck me, other than how large my bollocks must’ve been but also how at peace I seem.  Maybe it was two beasts regarding each other and that’s why I was unafraid and perhaps even comforted by his presence.

I never have taken a liking to the term ‘beast’ or what I sense is its social nuance.  Its implication is negative and connotations derogatory.  To me it means true to ones nature; it is base, fundamental and instinctive.  From my research the etymology of the word remains unclear however, the root of ‘animal’ is Latin meaning breath or spirit. I suppose the distinction between the two words ‘beast’ and ‘animal’ is essence versus being but I’ll leave that one up to the scholarly sorts who have a ton of disposable time.  

To me and for now, they are synonymous.  I am reminded of a story I once read of a boy who, all alone and lost in the woods, becomes a beast to protect himself from the perils of the night and fight his way to safety.  But upon emerging from the forest unscathed the boy learns that he cannot unbecome.

So what’s the point of all of this?  What’s the purpose?  Somewhere along my journey I stopped asking the fundamental questions that preoccupied my youth.  Like tears in rain they became lost in life’s torrent of distractions, inanities and wasteful activities.

Renwick has helped me find who I am again and to truly know it for the first time.  I am a beast of a man.

What’s next – it’s damn time I learn how to train it.


YBD’s Notes:  Interestingly in writing this blog I came across a Latin phrase of unknown origin –  cum vir se bestiam facitrelinquit dolorem humanitatis which means, ‘When a man makes himself a beast, he leaves behind the pain of humanity’.  Perhaps true.  Perhaps humanity is the problem. 

2 Dogs 2000 Miles

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Cat Convinces Man to Evacuate Ahead of Wildfire

Mark Burger and Tiger the cat from Gatlinburg, TN

Mark Burger knew that there were wildfires somewhat close to his store and home in Gatlinburg, TN on Monday, November 28. However, he wasn’t worried because no evacuation alert had been sent to his mobile phone. Fortunately, Tiger, his Siamese cat knew to be worried – and to alert Mark!

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Tiger had started out life as an abandoned kitten near Cleveland, TN. Mark’s son, Tanner, found the cat and gave him to his dad as a gift. Since then, Mark has loved Tiger and learned to pay attention to him. According to Mark, Tiger suits the stereotype of the curious cat. Mark told the Knoxville News Sentinel that Tiger “really doesn’t care about toys. He never gets bored because he’s so curious about everything around him.” Tiger’s habit of paying attention to everything around him paid off on the night of the wildfires.

That evening, the rescued cat paid back the man who had taken him in. Mark told the Knoxville News Sentinel that “Monday the fire seemed far enough away from downtown and the condos on hillsides nearby that I thought it was likely it would be contained before it threatened the city.”

Read Mark and Tiger’s complete Gatlinburg story.

Halo Pets

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WHOLE Lot of Difference: Ethan Hawke Donates to Second Chance Dog Rescue

Second Chance Dog Rescue is one of San Diego’s largest and most successful non-profit 501c3 organizations dedicated to saving homeless dogs. They rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs, primarily from local shelters, as well as dogs surrendered by their owners for various reasons, and dogs from Baja California, Mexico. Once they receive a dog, they provide medical care, including spay and neuter, and any necessary rehabilitation.

As part of the Oscar nomination gift bag, stars in the top five categories were offered to donate 10,000 Halo Pets meals to the shelter of their choice and Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor, Ethan Hawke, selected Second Chance Dog Rescue!

Halo is proud to partner with and to make a WHOLE lot of difference for shelter pets together.

Here’s what Second Chance Dog Rescue had to say about their Halo Pets donation:

“We…believe that feeding the dog (especially a dog that has been at a high kill shelter under huge stress) a proper well balanced diet will set him up for a positive journey.”

“At Second Chance all the dogs that come into our care go directly into foster homes. We want the dog and the foster family to be set up for complete success. We at Second Chance believe that feeding the dog (especially a dog that has been at a high kill shelter under huge stress) a proper well balanced diet will set him up for a positive journey.”

Thank you Ethan Hawke and Second Chance Dog Rescue for making a WHOLE lot difference for pets in your community.

When you choose Halo pet food, made from natural, whole food ingredients, your pet won’t be the only one with a radiant coat, clear eyes and renewed energy. Halo feeds it forward, donating over 1.5 million bowls annually. As always, Halo will donate a bowl to a shelter every time YOU buy.

Lilliana from Second Chance Dog Rescue

Halo Pets

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Like Presidents, Dogs May Go Gray When Stressed

Obama and Gray Dog

A new study, co-authored by author and scientist Temple Grandin and published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science explores whether anxiety and impulsiveness may contribute to premature graying in dogs.

The research focused on a sample of 400 dogs, age 1 to 4 years old, found at dog parks and vet clinics, among other places (it’s notable that the dogs studied were not older, “senior” dogs, who might have being turning gray naturally as part of the aging process).

Scientists compared photographs of the dogs to questionnaires given to their owners. Questions focused on anxiety indicators such as destruction when left alone, hair loss upon vet examination, and cringing or cowering when introduced to groups of people.

Indicators of impulsiveness included jumping on people, an inability to remain calm, loss of focus, and hyperactivity after exercise.

Results of the study showed that dogs who are impulsive and have anxiety have a 40 % to 65% chance of going gray early. Results were rated on a scale, from 0 (no gray), to 3 (full gray).

“The fact that Presidents turn prematurely gray was one of the things that made me encourage… the study,” said Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University, according to a news report on CNN Health.

In the human world “gray beards” signifies distinguished, wise, more mature men. We owe our dogs the same respect: let’s think of gray muzzles the way we think of “silver foxes” and people who have gained wisdom with age.

Tracie Hotchner is a nationally acclaimed pet wellness advocate, who wrote THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. She is recognized as the premiere voice for pets and their people on pet talk radio. She continues to produce and host her own Gracie® Award winning NPR show DOG TALK®  (and Kitties, Too!) from Peconic Public Broadcasting in the Hamptons after 9 consecutive years and over 500 shows. She produced and hosted her own live, call-in show CAT CHAT® on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM for over 7 years until the channel was canceled, when Tracie created her own Radio Pet Lady Network where she produces and co-hosts CAT CHAT® along with 10 other pet talk radio podcasts with top veterinarians and pet experts.

Dog Film Festival - Tracie HotchnerTracie also is the Founder and Director of the annual NY Dog Film Festival, a philanthropic celebration of the love between dogs and their people. Short canine-themed documentary, animated and narrative films from around the world create a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains. With a New York City premiere every October, the Festival then travels around the country, partnering in each location with an outstanding animal welfare organization that brings adoptable dogs to the theater and receives half the proceeds of the ticket sales. Halo was a Founding Sponsor in 2015 and donated 10,000 meals to the beneficiary shelters in every destination around the country in 2016.

Tracie lives in Bennington, Vermont – where the Radio Pet Lady Network studio is based – and where her 12 acres are well-used by her 2-girl pack of lovely, lively rescued Weimaraners, Maisie and Wanda.

Halo Pets

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The law is based on facts, that pit bulls dispropo…

The law is based on facts, that pit bulls disproportionately bite at higher rates compared to other dogs. Discriminatory? maybe. Necessary? Definitely.

In July 2005, about 6 months prior to San Francisco enacting a pit bull sterilization law, the San Francisco Chronicle reviewed hundreds of dog bites logged by the city. According to Animal Care and Control department records, pit bulls and their mixes accounted for 27% of reported dog bites since 2003, even though they accounted for only 6% of licensed dogs. Of the 900 bite incidents recorded in this period, 626 traced to a specific dog. Of those, 169 bites were attributed to pit bulls. As the Chronicle writer points out, "that's more than the number of bites by German shepherds (69), Labradors (58) and rottweilers (34) combined."

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