Give me a drink!

What is it about French Bulldogs that make them so irresistible? What is it about French Bulldogs that make them so irresistible? This one is waiting for a helping hand from his owner so he can drink out of the fountain in Menton.

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Madison WI

Taken from The Puppy Up Foundation Blog by Erich Trapp


On Sunday, May 7th over 1,300 people and 900 dogs attended the 4th Annual PuppyUp Madison Walk at McKee Farms in Fitchburg, WI. This is the largest PuppyUp Walk the Foundation holds each year, and each year the PuppyUp Madison Team surpasses their goals.

Their beginning goal in 2014 was $ 10,000 and 50 participants and they passed that goal by raising approximately $ 87,000 with over 750 participants. This year the goal was $ 135,000 and 1,000 participants; they again blew their goals out of the water by raising over $ 156,000, having 106 Teams and 52 Sponsors and vendors.
Success at this level is not gained over night. Many steps are planned with precision for months, progress is monitored daily and often by the minute. The dedication and passion of the Madison Committee (Beth Viney, Dr. Kai-Biu Shiu, Ann Lippincott, Lana Hesch, Mel Stodola Taylor, Mary Ann Francis, Katie Martz, Danielle Kay, Courtney Tyson, Jennifer Schleicher, Vicki Nussbaum, Lori Gibson and Dr. Linda Sullivan) inspires all who meet them. The hours they spend away from their dogs, family and friends in order to fight cancer in pets and people is much appreciated not just by me, Luke and our Board of Directors, but by all the people they encounter along the way. They have created a community in which others feel free to seek help, advice and even a shoulder to cry on. Many now feel that there is hope that one day we will have better cancer treatments for our two and four legged companions. And some day through the research that we are funding …. a cure, so that others do not lose loved ones to this horrible disease.
A special thanks to Beth Viney (co-founder of PuppyUp Madison) who works tirelessly in memory of Czar and is an inspiration to all who meet her; Ann Lippincott (2017 Chair) who dedicates her fight against cancer to Velma, (or Miss V as she is sometimes called); and Dr. Kai Shiu (co-founder of PuppyUp Madison, Veterinary Oncologist and Chair of the Puppy Up Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee) who fights cancer on all fronts in his office, and for the Foundation.
Through their efforts, they have raised $ 500,000 in the past 4 years allowing the Foundation to add funding to much needed research, awareness and education.
When asked to comment about the 2017 PuppyUp Madison Walk, Luke Robinson, the Founder of the Puppy Up Foundation stated “Trail Magic has taken The Puppy Up Foundation from just 2 dogs and a homeless dude to funding cutting edge, peer reviewed cancer research in exciting areas like immunotherapy at world class institutions, and it led us to Madison, WI. And where Kai and Beth and all of Team Madison have taken it from there is nothing short of awesomeness! My proudest achievement aside from getting the Fuzzybutts safely across 4,000 miles for this cause is how Puppy Up Nation has inspired the best and greatest in all of us.”
We’re looking forward to 2018 PuppyUp Madison.
YBD’s Notes – the photo above is of the Puppy Power Team led by Michael, a 9 year old lad I had the honor of meeting who became one of Madison’s top fundraisers and at last count that was $ 5,800.  Congrats and cheers to a job well done!
Of course, Hudson, the famous Fuzzybutt, had his own take on Madison.  As some of you know, he’s become some what of a degenerate in his old age, humping indiscriminately.  Boy dog, girl dog it doesn’t seem to matter one bit earning him the nickname Humpson we just chalk it up to the French in him. The Old Perv wrote a Haiku about his recent time up in Madison WI, home of the Badgers, and what’s become the town where the Fuzzybutts ring in summertime.  
Hudson Haiku

Madison blossoms.  
Where is dat lil badger at?
I hump it too!

2 Dogs 2000 Miles

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Iranian veterinarian could win local election…or he could get 60 lashes

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Would this work similarly when introducing a cat t…

Would this work similarly when introducing a cat to our dog? We have a coonhound mix (about 70 lbs) that we have had for 5 years. We adopted him when he was about one year old, so we don't know what the first year of his life was like. He is very interested in cats when we see them on walks. He first stops and stares at them, then starts baying. We would love to adopt a kitty, but don't know how to do it safely. He has never been in a crate. He is usually a very calm, well behaved dog and we just have never had the need for one. If the cat is the one being introduced to the family, which one would you crate? Any advice you have for us would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!

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“A match made in heaven”

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Anon. To be fair, BR has never been the group that…

Anon. To be fair, BR has never been the group that stays neutral on controversial topics. Our very open discussions about prong collar use, spay/aborts for pregnant dogs, our yearly march in the SF gay pride parade, etc.- It's fairly common for people to withdraw support when their buttons are pushed.

Personally? When I read that a five year old boy was handcuffed at the Dulles Airport on Jan 31, it was all I needed to push this topic out to our circles. Some might explain that child’s treatment away, but it was a line in the sand moment for me. How can we ever take ourselves seriously again as humane workers or ‘rescuers’ if we accept news of a five year old handcuffed by US authorities?

I regret that you feel this topic has marginalized us, because it's certain that we have much more in common with each other than most. And I especially regret that you feel you have to stay Anonymous during such an important discussions.

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Our Little Spring/Summer Outdoor Oasis

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

Mid May – when spring is in full force and the kiss of summer is so close you can almost taste it – is one of my absolute favorite times of year. There are countless reasons I enjoy this season so much, but one of the biggest is finally being able to spend time outside, especially in the evenings. For me, the joy of transforming our outdoor space from a (literally) barren winter deck to our own little oasis filled with plants and flowers and a comforting vibe is genuinely intoxicating. I love it you guys. Every single day I look forward to finishing work and spending time relaxing in that space with my family. There is nothing better

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis
A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

While adding some outdoor accessories and plants is important to building our little spring and summer sanctuary, the biggest transformation for me (see the “before” directly above; meh) is the ambience created with products from The TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System. Our outdoor space admittedly isn’t much – it’s a small, elevated deck that overlooks other suburban townhouses. Right now, we don’t have a big yard, or a fire pit or fireplace, or anything impressive happening out back. But with the help of TIKI Brand Clean Burn Firepieces and Fuel, we are able to design an area that, thanks to rich, bright, long-burning flames, feels and looks as warm and glowing as the fanciest summertime yards. For real.

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

My regular readers know I’ve sung TIKI Brand’s praises before, but I truly can’t say enough about their Clean Burn Tabletop System. TIKI has reinvented fire you guys. I absolutely love that their Clean Burn Torch Fuel is an 85% plant-based formula (which burns much cleaner than traditional fuels) without a smoky mess, and that just one bottle of it provides 24 hours of burn time. I also love that they offer such a wide variety of pieces (and as you can see, we have a bunch of them; I’ll tell you more about my favorites in a minute) in all sorts of different styles – each of which creates a beautiful, bright, brilliant flame that can completely transform any outdoor space. We use them constantly this time of year – for everything from dinner parties and gatherings with friends to family nights outdoors. The three step burner system is also incredible easy to use, which in my admittedly chaotic life (seriously, I am flustered 90% of them time) is a major bonus.

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis
A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

There are several TIKI Brand Firepieces we use for our spring and summertime outdoor spaces, which we rotate depending on occasion and mood. (Sometimes, if we’re really feeling it, we use them all at the same time.) One of my personal favorites is the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Bronze Ceramic, which is made out of a beautiful bronze finished ceramic with pretty, decorative glass stones and creates the perfect centerpiece. It feels like our own mini backyard firepit, right on our deck table.

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

I’m also a big fan of the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece with FlameShield, which features a gorgeous cutout design through which the flame can literally illuminate the whole tabletop. Two of my other favorites, which stay on our deck all season long, are the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Burlap and the Earth Tone Citronella Wax Candle. Both of these pieces have an earthy vibe and go so well with our decor. The candle burns for up to 32 hours, and the Firepiece, like the others in the system, burns for 3+ hours with wick technology that minimizes spilling. Other favorites include their colorful, modern Clean Burn Tabletop Firepiece in Red Glass and Teal Glass (which may look familiar if you remember seeing our deck last summer). For gatherings, I also love the Urban Metal Torch, which to me has that quinticesstial TIKI summertime party feel. Combined with the Easy Pour Wide Mouth Canister, it’s also an easy fill, and has a full flame lasts up to 5 hours. Pretty great, right?

A Small Space Summer Outdoor Oasis

I look forward to this time of year for months, and the day where I first get to set it all up feels like Christmas. Sitting out there surrounded by plants and flowers and the warm glow of the goodies from the TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System feels like paradise to me.

If you’re a fan of creating an outdoor oasis at your home like I am, I highly recommend picking up The TIKI Brand Clean Burn system. There is nothing like the ambience it creates.

Use code TIKI5OFFCB on for $ 5 off when you purchase the Clean Burn Torch Fuel and a Clean Burn Firepiece. Find more info here.

Happy outdoor season, friends!

This post is in partnership with TIKI® Brand. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Extreme alpaca grooming

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

Posted in Pet Care And Pest Control Articles | Tagged , , | Leave a comment and Halo Pets Team Up with The Jackson Galaxy Foundation

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation, founded in 2014, is the realization of cat behaviorist and the host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From HellJackson Galaxy and his long-standing dream of bettering the lives of animals at risk and helping the people who care for them.

Jackson says:
“I am thrilled to launch the Jackson Galaxy Foundation to improve the lives of sheltered animals and their dedicated advocates. As a long time rescue worker, my heart belongs to the welfare of all animals. I know that knowledge and innovation will save more lives. The pieces are in place, the technology is available, the passion is alive, and the time to act is now.”

Halo is proud to partner with and to support The Jackson Galaxy Foundation with a donation of 5,000 bowls of Halo Pets kibble with WHOLE meat to Baltimore County Animal Services to aid their awesome work with homeless cats and kittens!

When you choose Halo pet food, made from natural, whole food ingredients, your pet won’t be the only one with a radiant coat, clear eyes and renewed energy. Halo feeds it forward, donating over 1.5 million bowls annually. As always, Halo will donate a bowl to a shelter every time YOU buy. Thank you for helping #HaloFeeditForward.

Thank you to The Jackson Galaxy Foundation and the Baltimore County Animal Service for making a WHOLE lot of difference for pets in your community.

Halo Pets

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Houston Pet Expo, May 13 – 14, 2017 #AmazingPetExpo

  Dog lovers in the largest city in the Lone Star state will be in seventh heaven when the seventh annual Houston Pet Expo comes to town for a weekend devoted to all our friends with fur, fins…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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