Idyll and Paloma

We’ve met Idyll before on Riviera Dogs before.   She is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain dog. Here she is today with her young owner, Paloma. They live in Gorbio village above Menton.

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Isle of Man community votes in topical debate

Isle of Man community votes in topical debate
Isle of Man community votes in topical debate. by MT. Isle of Man community votes in topical debate. The open skies policy should be abandoned to protect vital business and leisure routes for Isle of Man residents, according to the majority vote at a

F365's Top Ten Summer Striker Targets
With most of the Premier League's top half needing a new striker this summer, Daniel Storey takes a look at the probable names on expensive shopping lists… Last Updated: 15/04/14 at 10:16 Post Comment · Topical Top 10 RSS Feed · Bookmark with del.icio.

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Winter Walking

A week or so ago there was a nice sign waiting for me at my favourite winter walking place.  It “reminded me” of what the rules were – no dogs off leash.  I always knew this, which is part of the reason I go when there is no one else there.  But now they’ve put a sign right where I park – I feel like it was left there just for me as I’m pretty sure I’m their biggest “customer” in the winter.  There are rarely other tracks in the snow and it is even more rare for me to see someone else parked there.  I think there has been 2 times this fall/winter where I had to use a different section of the park to avoid people.   But with the sign there, it makes me feel guilty.  AND I won’t be able to feign ignorance if I do get caught with my dogs off leash.

On really “yucky” days mid week, I still go to our usual park, but I’ve been going farther afield lately.  When I have time, we’ve been heading out to Fort Macleod – a town about 30 minutes from here with a dog park that is very under used – so under used I don’t have any qualms about bringing Lacey.  We are more likely to come across wildlife or someone on horseback than we are to run across another dog.

When I don’t have time to spend an hour driving, we’ve been doing walks in the neighbourhood.  I’ve been trying to walk the girls on leash a little more regularly…  It really isn’t nearly as much fun for any of us though.  It’s kind of like eating your vegetables – you do it because it’s good for you.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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GIVEAWAY // Share Your Plant Personality + Win a Custom Tea Set!

Share Your Plant Personality and Win a Personalized Tea Set from Traditional Medicinals and Bubby & Bean!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been interested in plants and herbs and their relation to wellness (thanks to my mom, who grew herb gardens since before I was born).  And equally as long, I’ve been a huge fan of Traditional Medicinals teas.  Sleepy Time has been my go-to comfort tea at night for more years than I can remember, and their organic Peppermint tea helped with the queasiness I experienced during my pregnancy.  They’re also the kind of company I like to support.  For over 40 years (!) they’ve been focused on harnessing the power of plants, with a commitment to using high quality herbs and embracing ingredient purity, sustainability, and social and environmental activism. 

Recently Traditional Medicinals released the coolest little project called the Plant Personality Quiz, where you can answer a few questions and your unique ‘plant personality’ will be revealed.  In less than two minutes, you find out a the exact combination of plants that reflect your nature, provide insight into your personality, and highlight your ‘plant allies’ that may harmonize, balance, and complement or support your overall wellness.  Pretty cool, right?  My Plant Personality is Echinacea Ginger Passionflower (you can see my specific results and the meaning behind them right here).  My custom corresponding teas – all of which are certified organic and non-GMO verified – are Echinacea Plus (supports the immune system), Ginger Aid (promotes healthy digestion), and Nighty Night (relieves occasional sleeplessness).  I’ve been especially enjoying the Ginger Aid – it’s deliciously spicy and sweet, and soothing on my tummy after mealtime.

It was so much fun to take the quick quiz (which is also aesthetically quite lovely), learn my results, and then receive a custom package that included the teas that coincide with my quiz results.  And now 3 of you are going to get to do the same – because Traditional Medicinals is giving 3 Bubby and Bean readers each a personalized selection of teas that match your unique Plant Personality!

To enter, just take the Plant Personality Quiz, then leave a comment below telling me your plant personality! 

Once you’ve completed the mandatory entry above, you can also gain one additional entry for each of the following.  (*Please list each extra entry in a SEPARATE comment in order for it to count).

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This giveaway will run through April 24th and is open to all Bubby and Bean readers. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly after. (Important: Please make sure to check back and/or leave a way to contact you in your initial entry.) Good luck!

Thank you to Traditional Medicinals for providing the prizes for this sponsored giveaway.

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M4394-1.flv khat mite mite chit mal : Movie title : ခပ္မိုက္မိုက္ခ်စ္မယ္ Starring : ဟိန္းေ၀ယံ မိုးယုစံ | Hein Waiyan Moe Yu San.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn what your hive needs from you, the beekeeper. Varroa mites are the most destructive creature to bees. Tricia shows you a combination of controls to use…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Play Time

Coulee’s activity monitor registered this walk as “play time” instead of a “walk”. :) Maybe there should be a “bully time” setting

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Find the Best Dog Breed and Dog Food Reference Charts

 Choosing both a  new dog and the dog food that fits your new dog and your pocketbook are big decisions.  FindTheBest is a valuable resource for selecting the best type of dog for any living situation and any personality type.  FindTheBest is a great reference for information on 193 different breeds comparing dog temperament and breed standards as well as physical features like size, coat and color.
 This reference presents the facts in easy to use tables and allows for side-by-side comparisons of different breeds and consumer products so that you can find the best.
 This is a great reference for researching everything from the best dog breeds to the best dry dog food before purchasing, and for anyone to make a quick and informed decision.
Grayson Nance is a recent graduate of UCSB and now works with FindTheBest where you can compare anything from cat breeds to the best espresso machines.   
  This reference is a great example of how quality dog foods are becoming more popular. However I don’t see my favorites: Taste of the Wild:Salmon and Sweet Potato, Royal Canin:Duck and Potato, Halo Products, and Natural Balance: Many hypoallergenic ingredients.
However this digital chart is an example of  how much dog food ingredients are changing . Categories include grain free , organic, and  no preservatives. The commercial dog food industry is responding to dog owners that want to feed their pets a healthier mix of ingredients. Dog foods now have better meats, veggies, and fruit instead of carcasses, meat by-products, and grain. 
50% of my day is spent treating the result of feeding poor quality dog food or owners not realizing that individual dogs can’t tolerate certain food ingredients.  
Some dogs require extra healthy oils or added human food ingredients to some commercial food to make up for the lack of healthful whole foods. Even though the food says”complete and balanced” some dogs need more fat and oils, less carbs, or more moisture in the food. In Dog Dish Diet , I talk about the history of dog food and ways you can help your dog eat a mix of commercial, human food, raw food, and homemade food for better health.
Canned food, slow cooking meat and veggies, feeding raw meaty bones or chicken wings, and  feeding raw food may be a better choice than any dry food for those dogs suffering from medical problems. 


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Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Mites team takes tournament title

Red velvet mite

Image by erica_naturegirl
A predatory mite, only 4mm long.

Mites team takes tournament title
Indiana won the Mite Crosby Division championship in the 19th annual Charlie Hogan Tournament, held Feb. 14 to 17 at S&T Bank Arena. There were 8 Mite teams in attendance. Indiana won all six games in round-robin play and won the championship …
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Pitching in Their Mite for Haneefa
To keep alive the memories of actor Cochin Haneefa, the Cochin Haneefa Foundation is organising a major cricket tournament – Cochin Haneefa Cup. The Cochin Haneefa Memorial Tournament, which will be a cinema cricket championship, will be held at …
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Scientists back widow's mite theory
Scientists back widow's mite theory. People who receive higher bonuses are less likely to give to charity than those on lower earnings, according to new research. People with higher bonuses are less inclined to give to charity, research suggests. Tweet.

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Going Green for the #PawNatural Challenge

We like to think that we live a pretty green lifestyle. Surrounded by a nature preserve for endangered birds, we’re really conscious of our impact on the environment. A creek flows through our…

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DogTipper: Tips for Dog Lovers

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How Awesome Is This Lego Storage!!!


Have you checked out this awesome storage for Lego’s?? I am drooling over this right now!!

I have so many Lego’s for the child care children that I would probably need two of these but these are just what I need and the colors are perfect for the Lego’s.

Hop on over to Amazon and check it out!!
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