What I’m Wearing Now: May

What I'm Wearing Now: May // Bubby and Bean

1. Black Straw Islander Tote, TOMS  //  2. Floral Kimono (sadly, the one I’ve been wearing nonstop, which can be seen in this post just sold out; so I’m showcasing this similar floral beauty instead)  //  3. Anthem Tank, Madewell  //  4. Double Fringe Side Zip Boot, Minnetonka  //  5. Mossimo Bailey Footbed Sandals in White, Target  //  6. Denim Cut-offs (DIYed; way into this similar pair from Rag & Bone)  //  7. Border Print Wide Leg Soft Pants, Joe B  //  8. Girlfriend Jeans, H&M  //  9. Black Embroidered Dress (mine is several years old; this similar style dress is gorgeous)   

Finally, warm weather has arrived! As many of you know, I have a thing for summer clothes, and having to pack my cut-offs and gauzy dresses back up in April – after getting to wear them for two weeks in March while I was in Arizona – was practically tear-inducing. May isn’t summer in Chicago by any means, but we’ve had enough days in the high 70s and low 80s recently to move my favorite pieces of clothing back to the front of the closet – pieces that I’ve showcased above for this month’s edition of What I’m Wearing Now. (If you’re a new reader, you can read more about the motivation behind why I started this series by checking out the past editions, right here.)

There has been a lot of light fabric layering happening this month, and although the weather has been more full-length jean appropriate, I have been able to bust out my beloved denim cut-off shorts on several occasions. Quite of few of the pieces I wore in Arizona in March are back on rotation as well, like the wide-legged pants (# 7) and the sort-of-Birkenstockish-but-much-cheaper Target white footbed sandals (#5).  My trusty denim jacket made lots of appearances as well, but I spared you guys putting it into the collage yet again this time around. And yes, once again, there is a kimono. I may be a little kimono obsessed these days (my husband calls me ‘Mrs. Roper’ despite repeated explanations of how they’re not muumuus), but there honestly isn’t any other garment I’ve found that can pull an outfit together while simultaneously being this comfortable. I have several of them, and they each get plenty of wear. I’ve also been carrying around this insanely gorgeous tote bag from TOMS almost everyday. It’s beautiful and practical, and even better, it makes a difference – with every bag purchased, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. Pretty awesome.

What type of clothing and accessory pieces have you been wearing most this month?


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Flea Beetles and Cutworms on Canola

Flea Beetles and Cutworms on Canola
Flea beetles will chew small holes in canola seedlings in the spring, and pods, leaves and stems in the fall. The economic threshold of flea beetle damage is when 25 per cent of the cotyledon is destroyed and flea beetles are present and continue to feed.
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/It's flea and tick season! Make sure your pets' summer doesn't bite! Visit
New and Used Vertical Pianos – ALL ABOUT PIANOS – Belgrade, MT – (406) 254-7000 · Get-it; /Shepherd Huntley Animal Care; /It's flea and tick season! Make sure your pets' summer doesn't bite! Visit Shepherd Huntley Animal Care today!
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Creature Feature DR. DAN MEAKIN Getting to know the flea
To help improve your flea fighting skills, let's look at the flea and its life cycle. Fleas are parasites that feed off their host's blood. When a flea bites its victim's skin it injects a minute amount of flea antigen. Pets vary in their reactions to
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dog-cocoa-bean-mulch-545x250As spring and summer approach, many people begin tending to their lawns and gardens. Many will consider using cocoa bean mulch as a natural, chemical-free fertilizer.

This mulch is made from the shells of spent cocoa beans used in chocolate production. It degrades into an organic fertilizer which naturally deters slugs, snails and other pests, while giving gardens a very attractive rich color and appealing chocolate smell.

Unfortunately these same characteristics may make it appealing to dogs, who can be easily poisoned from its toxic effects. Cocoa bean shells and mulch contain the stimulants theobromine and caffeine; methylxanthines which are both toxic to dogs.

Dogs are highly sensitive to methylxanthines and low doses can cause gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Higher doses can cause rapid heart rate, muscle tremors, seizures and even death.

Click here to read the complete article.


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When nature calls

coyote pooping

Canis lupus hominis

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Riverside Intermediate accepting bids on student built dog house

Riverside Intermediate accepting bids on student built dog house
PLYMOUTH, Mich.— In April, we brought you the story of a mentoring group at Riverside Intermediate in Plymouth who was building a dog house to raise money. On Tuesday we received an update on the project. The dog house is now completely finished, …
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Help Your Kids Prevent Dog Bites
When children meet a friendly dog for the first time- teach them to offer an outstretched fist for the dog to sniff before you pet him, and always pet under the chin– patting a dog on top of the head could be seen as a sign of aggression. "If you
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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

As dog devotees, we strive to protect our four-pawed pals from harm– from illnesses which can rob them of their health, from the dangers posed by unsupervised outdoor play…and, sometimes, from…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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REVIEW: 'Unfriended' is topical, current and smart

REVIEW: 'Unfriended' is topical, current and smart
Without ever feeling like a stunt – a story in service of a device rather than vice versa – Unfriended tells a cautionary tale that's topical, current and smart. Five high school friends mindlessly Skype on the anniversary of their friend Laura's
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Topical BioMedics to Host Pain Management Webinar May 12
The May Pain Management webinar hosted by Topical BioMedics Inc, a Certified B corp headquartered in Rhinebeck, NY, will focus on the topic, “What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia.” The free seminar will stream live on Tuesday, May 12, from 12 pm …
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Nov 12, Dog Business Advertising | Best Dog Food Guide

Dog business advertising opportunity. Looking to increase visibility towards a highly targeted dog loving crowd? Look no further as BestDogFoodGuide is now open to advertising to support its free content.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Latest Flea News

Everyone Has Fleas, Even Indoor Cats
Q: I have three dogs and three cats, and they all get fleas. What am I doing wrong? — D.C., Louisville, KY. A: Here's the million-dollar question: Are you using a flea preventive on all pets in the home or just the dogs? According to veterinary
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Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2016

Hard to believe it’s 8 years in the making since we started the ‘Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down’ calendar in honor and memory of our canine heroes touched by cancer.  
Damn I remember our first one when I had to carry my 10 pound clunky Dell laptop for miles in my backpack on the C&O trail to upload the photos for the contest cause Erich was still on a 128k modem. Good times…
Unlike cheerleading tryouts in Texas, it’s not really a contest – all are beauties and featured in the calender.  Nearby is the link to the blog about how you can participate http://www.2milliondogs.org/our-8th-annual-cancer-cant-keep-a-good-dog-down-canine-cancer-calendar-contest-has-begun/
Thanks Erich for being the Keeper of the Calendar.  


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