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Nationals First Baseman Adam LaRoche Bags Monster Rocky Mountain Elk
Clearly, he needed a weapon with a mite more stopping power in this case. Enjoy getting that kill out of the woods, LaRoche. Dinner always tastes better when you have to haul about 700 pounds of it down a narrow trail to the truck. I'd suggest a
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Willmar notebook: Cardinals ready for section showdown
Matt Dawson of the Willmar Hockey Boosters announced official attendance Saturday night at 1,216 for the Alexandria Blizzard and the St. John's University JV. The big turnout was undoubtedly helped by pairing the game with Mite Hockey between periods.
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Dog With A Blog – Stan Of The House (Full Episode) – Disney Channel Official

FULL EPISODE: Tyler and Avery are step-siblings but don’t get along. They’re dad decides to get a dog named Stan who happens to talk and has his own blog. Ch…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Halloween has hit rock bottom

Things were simpler back in the 80s. We only has three things to do the week before Halloween:

1. Watch the Great Pumpkin.


2. Carve a pumpkin. No one helped. If you cut your finger off, oh well.


3. Run to Woolworth’s and pick out your plastic costume that tied in the back like a surgeon’s gown and suffocating mask you could only see out of one eyeball at a time. Trying not to kill yourself tripping over the pavement was half the fun.


And that was it. Our biggest worry at the time was the ever ubiquitous ‘old man hiding razor blades in apples’ trick, which we were all scared of but no one actually ever saw.

I long for those simpler times. My week has been, shall we say, a bit more complicated.

1. Who has time to watch the Great Pumpkin? I have a Halloween party to plan at school. Except we can’t call it Halloween, so it’s a “Harvest Party” (with costumes) in grade 3 and a “Mystical Science Party” (with costumes) in grade 5. Two weeks ago I was summoned to a summit of all the room moms so we could coordinate our party activities, which were delegated as follows:

  • candy potions lab
  • luminescent fingerprint experiment
  • homemade spooky finger cookies
  • dry ice punch
  • Pretend blood coagulation experiment

I missed the meeting. When I was asked after the fact what I’d like to do I offered to contribute some sort of preserved creature in formaldehyde, which was the best I could do. I was assigned plates and cups.

2. Pumpkin carving has now become an Olympic sport.



























My garage is filled with half-used Pumpkin Masters and the sad remnants of plans gone awry. This year, we’re painting them and calling it a day.

3. Costume shopping began two months ago when the Chasing Fireflies catalog arrived. They cost a small fortune, but they are the only catalog where ten year old girls are still allowed to be ten year old girls.


Over my dead body.


“Why aren’t you wearing a costume, Mommy?” asked my daughter.

“Because I can’t find anything I like, honey,” I responded.

“How about a dog?” she asked. “You like dogs.”

That was out.

That was out.

“Maybe I’ll just be a veterinarian,” I said. “That’s hard to mess up.”



Desperate, I tried to think of the least sexy things on the planet. A lamp. A body bag. A hazmat suit.



We’re all doomed.


“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” I said to her. “Maybe we can just get Brody a costume instead.”


Or maybe not.


Go home, Halloween. You’re drunk.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Tick causing new allergy to red meat for dozens of Kentuckians

Tick causing new allergy to red meat for dozens of Kentuckians
Rick Pitino shortened the rotation and ratcheted up the full-court pressure in the University of Louisville's first basketball exhibition of the 2014-15 season. Eric Crawford with a full recap.More >>. Rick Pitino shortened the rotation and ratcheted
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Tick bite sent Rams center Scott Wells to ICU
Football players ending up in the hospital with knee injuries or broken bones are almost commonplace. But there was nothing normal about Rams center Scott Wells' experience this summer. A tick bite led to a bacterial infection which landed Wells in the …

Weekend wrap: Tick, tock, Dale Jr. has a Martinsville clock
There had to be at least some fans within the jubilant Junior Nation that had the thought of “If only this had come last week!,” even as they were jumping up and down and blowing their Dale Calls. Last weekend at Talladega, Earnhardt was eliminated

Pete Evans backs petition to scrap Heart Foundation's healthy tick
Their beef is with the Heart Foundation's controversial Tick of approval. More than 2000 food products in Australia, including everything from Milo Chocolate Cereal to Gravox reduced-salt gravy, carry the Tick. The Heart Foundation has also deemed

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Emmanuelle and Joe

Turn right! Turn right! ‘Joe, you are not looking in the right direction …

Meet my beautiful friend, Emmanuelle and Joe, the cocker spaniel.  Joe is 4 years old and lives in Nice with Emma and Guillaume.

In the smaller photo you see Patrick, owner of this stunning 1968 Renault 4L.

My birthday was last Monday but yesterday these precious friends and Sylvie organised a surprise second birthday celebration! How lucky am I? Five of us plus Joe in this car, whizzing around Nice, an enormous bouquet of flowers and of course all our camera gear.  And a great lunch in the Old Town of Nice.  I thought we were all back in 1968!

Thanks so much everyone! I loved, loved, loved the day.

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Saturday Survey: Rent-A-Pet

I posted last week about an innovative program run by some shelters and resorts that allows vacationers to borrow a dog for companionship during their stay. Would you consider doing this on your next vacation? Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Latest Dog News

Cleburne law enforcement to train for dog encounters
Were policies adequate for facing possible aggressive dogs? While investigators pursue those questions, the Cleburne police department will get more training on how to use non-lethal force when dealing with dogs. Former police officer Jim Osorio will
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Chow Chow puppy Misiu is stolen by burglars who broke into home
A designer dog which became an online sensation and attracted thousands of followers after he was bought for £1,600 has been stolen by burglars. Jamie Green, 29, bought Chow Chow puppy Misiu, which means little bear in Polish, as a surprise for his …
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Charges withdrawn against Fayette parents accused of keeping dead dog
Most charges have been withdrawn against parents who had been accused by an ousted police officer of forcing their children to climb through an apartment window to get food and having a dead dog chained in their backyard. Christopher “Kid Rock” Jordan …
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Bubby and Bean!

Happy Halloween! Halloweens that fall on Fridays (or Saturdays) are the best, aren’t they? Although Essley and I are a little sad not to get to be with daddy on her first one (the band is playing in Boston this year, which was just too far), we are very excited to be here in Indianapolis, celebrating with her Auntie Morgan. My little sister, since I can remember, has been absolutely smitten with Halloween. Her decorations are always incredible, as is her costuming. And she’s going all out for us, with everything from pumpkin carving to Halloween movies to sugary treats. I’m dressing up as a witch (which is admittedly the least effort I’ve ever put into my costume, but hey) and Essley is going to be my little black cat. I made her costume and promise to annoy those of you who follow me on Instagram later today with at least slightly excessive picture sharing. We’re also taking Essley trick-or-treating with Morgan’s neighbors, and yes, we will be eating her candy. Just being honest, guys.

For those of you celebrating, have a wonderfully sweet + spooky Halloween!  And have a great weekend too.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Lacey on Things

Every month the Lethbridge Photography Club has a photo theme. Anyone who is interested, enters a photo and they will critique it for you. It can be a great opportunity to learn but it can also be an opportunity to stretch your wings a bit. I usually enter a photo from my archives but this time, I couldn’t think of one that would fit the theme.

The theme this month is “Balance”. I’m pretty sure the intention is something more along the lines of compositional balance but I get to interpret it however I want and when I think of balance, the first thing that comes to mind is Maddie on Things. Maddie is amazing and I decided to see if I could get Lacey to balance on something. I scrolled through some of Maddie’s photos looking for inspiration. In many of the photos she is pretty high up but I knew I didn’t want to do anything that risky.  But then I saw one of her on top of a Nutella jar. So I decided to see if I could get Lacey on top of a peanut butter jar.

I thought I had 12 days to teach Lacey to get on a perch and Amanda assured me it could be done. I had my doubts. Turns out I only had 5 days (I had my meeting dates mixed up)! If I had known that when I started, I wouldn’t have even tried so I’m glad I didn’t know!

The first session was a disaster. I had a little plastic step-stool that I placed on the ground in front of me and tried to lure Lacey on it. She basically did everything she could to avoid it. Lol. She stood up like a gopher, she hopped around it, she leaned and stretched and contorted. The only way I could get her to touch it was to physically place her feet on it myself.

So that night I tried again but this time I started with a large step-stool that sits at the base of a chair she often hops up on. On that stool, she hopped up no problem.  I then tried again with the plastic one (about 1/3 the size)  and she finally put her front two feet on it quite willingly.

By Thursday afternoon she was putting all 4 feet on the plastic step-stool. By Friday afternoon she was putting all 4 feet on a small bucket I have. I was amazed at her progress.

Friday I went shopping for peanut butter. The largest jar I could find was 2 kg and the size of the lid was about 1/2 the size of the bucket. Gulp. I wasn’t even sure all her feet could fit at once but we tried. It wobbled. A lot. I couldn’t even brace it with my feet. It didn’t take her long to completely stop trying.

Hmmmm. I found a bowl with a base the size of the jar. I turned it upside down and voila!  She got on it no problem. So I knew she could do the jar if we could figure out how to brace it.

Saturday, Marlin and I did some brainstorming. I decided to empty out the jar and screw it down to a sheet of plywood. It was still a bit wiggly, but it wasn’t going to fall over. We practiced on Saturday and only got as far as 3 feet up but it was after a long walk so I was hoping she was just tired.

We went out bright and early this morning and… Ta Da!!!!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Puh-Lice and Thank You

You sent in some hilarious police reports, and Ellen is sharing her favorites in her segment, “Oh Puh-Lice!”

It’s easy to get rid of lice safely. It will take you about an hour over two weeks time. Here is how we did it: 1. Put gin in a squirt bottle to make it easi…

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